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Every night, after a day’s worth of pumping milk for my baby, my husband takes the pump from my hands and washes it out in the sink with the special brush. He shakes it dry, clean, ready for the next day. He says it’s one of the ways he can help with this job thatKeep Reading

October Monthly Writing Group: Routine

Last week I posed a question in a few writing groups I’m in: would a monthly writing theme be helpful to you as a writer? Do you want to write about a topic, a subject, or an idea together? The answer was a resounding yes. A monthly framework to write: join me for a new theme,Keep Reading

How to Give (and Get) Great Feedback On Your Writing

A lot of people have asked me about how to get feedback on their essays. How do they publish it? Who should they ask? And why do they cringe and worry so much about whether or not people will be kind and say good things (or terrible things) about their essays? Part of the fearKeep Reading

I Can’t Sit Still, But When I Write,—

I can’t sit still, but when I write, When I write, I lose track of time, and space. The numbers on the clock rotate and I fall out of the month, outside of the place, out the person. Sometimes I lose an entire day, lost in ten thousand words of a story, one word at aKeep Reading

3 Tools To Draft, Write, and Publish Your Work

This is post #4 in my month-long writing challenge. Join me here. It Doesn’t Matter How You Do It I should title this post “how to write every day” or “what tools I use to write every day” because the questions I get over and over again from so many different people are variations ofKeep Reading

Start Writing: A New Free Mini-Course

This month, in the spirit of writing and getting our butts back into our chairs and writing more, I made a free mini writing course for anyone to join.I’ve made a number of free mini-courses before, and I always love making them. In order to participate, sign up here and take the challenge to writeKeep Reading

Write Every Day For A Month: A 30-Day Challenge

What does it look like to write every day for 30 days? I’ve seen many of my friends do it from time to time, and I’ve always wondered what writing every day would do for me. Corbett Barr (of Fizzle) shared what he learned from writing every day for 30 days: it became easier toKeep Reading

The Creative Self: Why The Habit of Making is Essential

We don’t know if what we make will be any good. Whether or not it’s good is not the reason we begin. We begin because we must. We practice because creativity is a practice. Showing up for yourself is a skill you must practice again and again and again, more than anything else you’ll everKeep Reading

Why Starting A “Blog” Is A Terrible Idea

Getting out there on the internet is kind of like making friends as a five-year old. The internet can be an intimidating place — it’s full of people who seem to write effortlessly and publish often. It’s like they have crowds of people gathering and listening, which makes other people wonder if they’ll ever be able toKeep Reading

Writers Resources for 2015: Make a Living as a Writer With These Sweet Courses

Want to make a living as a writer? Maybe you’re simply looking to improve your craft. Maybe you want to self-publish a book, or you want to learn more about publishing. Perhaps you’ve got a side-hustle, and you want to turn it into a full-time business. Maybe you’re working on a book proposal but you’reKeep Reading