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A Few Glimpses of Life With A Newborn

Some thoughts on life with a newborn: He has an uncanny knack for knowing just when I’m about to even think about doing something (showering, writing, eating with two hands, heck, even just going to the bathroom) — and deciding that NOW he is hungry, NOW he needs attention, NOW he must be bounced forKeep Reading

Going to the Coffee Shop

In the morning, I love going to the coffee shop. Call it a force of habit, a craving, an addiction — it’s hard for me not to start my day without popping into our corner store. Recently, however, I’ve been limiting my caffeine intake (due to pregnancy and headaches) and I was stuck: do IKeep Reading

I Can’t Sit Still, But When I Write,—

I can’t sit still, but when I write, When I write, I lose track of time, and space. The numbers on the clock rotate and I fall out of the month, outside of the place, out the person. Sometimes I lose an entire day, lost in ten thousand words of a story, one word at aKeep Reading

How We See Ourselves: On Identity, Labels, and Privilege

Do you know the story about when a man is asked to look in a mirror? He’s asked what he sees. He says “myself” (usually he says his name, “I see John,” etc). A woman looks in the mirror and says, “I see a woman.” A black woman says, “I see a black woman.” How weKeep Reading

Little Quips on This Not-So-Little Pregnancy

This is post #5 in my month-long writing challenge. Join me here. I find pregnancy to be quite weird. My body has taken over. It’s running a long-embedded script I didn’t know I had inside of me. I’ve taken to writing short bits on twitter under the hashtag #pregrealities. Something about Twitter makes me feel likeKeep Reading

3 Tools To Draft, Write, and Publish Your Work

This is post #4 in my month-long writing challenge. Join me here. It Doesn’t Matter How You Do It I should title this post “how to write every day” or “what tools I use to write every day” because the questions I get over and over again from so many different people are variations ofKeep Reading

Starting A New Life

It’s been hard to get a new post up every week, for two big reasons: first, working at a startup is a big mountain of a challenge, and second — more excitedly! — I’m now just about five months pregnant, so all my free time (and body energy) is devoted to building a new person from scratch.Keep Reading

Why We’re Lonelier Than Ever (and Why Marriage is Falling Apart), According to Kurt Vonnegut

How many people do you interact with on a daily basis? Not online, or in your email inbox, but in real life? What about during the week? I had to do a quick tally — (ten coworkers, my husband, a few close friends I see regularly, an occasional dinner or evening out), — maybe twentyKeep Reading

Learning How to Meditate

I finally achieved the badge for meditating three days in a row on the app I’m using to meditate. To be clear, I didn’t know that this even existed. It took me 8 months to figure THAT out — or, depending on how you count, it took me 31 years to figure out how to sit still.Keep Reading

15 Quotes on Meditation and Mindfulness From Jon Kabat-Zinn

I have a small (but growing) stack of wisdom books on my desk that speak to the human experience. One of them is Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book “Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation In Everyday Life.” I’ve highlighted and re-highlighted both my digital and print copies. It’s simple, yet profound. You are here “When itKeep Reading