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Jumping is terrifying. Or, behind the scenes of the last few months: Life. Mind Work. Change. Here. Now. Hello. Breathe…

I wake up in a panic, nerves sending a fear signal up and down my trembling arms. Adrenaline pours into my veins, shooting up my skin like a shock to my system. My brain races, full of questions and doubts and fears. I can’t sleep again, even though it’s dark. The light from the streetlampKeep Reading

April Miscellaneous: Updates, Link Love and Thoughts on Burning the Midnight Oil

Updates: I’m bursting at the seems with about a hundred posts I want to write, and they are all currently buried in my notebooks, brain, and on half-finished word documents on my laptop. I just took a peek at the unpublished drafts in my queue (110) and the number of essays I’ve hit “publish” on (173)Keep Reading

28 in fifty-two notes: a year’s worth of writing, lessons, and people

Another year, another day, another second. Each moment we get a little older, and hopefully a little bit wiser. Yesterday I turned 28, and I can hardly believe it. I’m nearly done with my twenties: somehow it feels like I should be getting on with my life, setting an example, and doing stuff worth doing.Keep Reading

32 things you don’t know about me – or, Hello.

Hello …. Hi. Oh Hey There. I was sitting down to a beer with a friend I met on twitter (yes, Mom, I met someone on TWITTER), and he interrupted me after a bit and said, “You know, you’re way cooler in person.” I’m not really sure what that meant, but upon some reflection: I think (before youKeep Reading

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