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Stop With The Bull Shit: Calling BS On “Corporate,” Life, Relationships, Careers.

I met Shane Mac two years ago via Twitter, when serendipitously we both remarked on the strange olfactory sensations of shopping malls (we commented wryly about the stench pouring from Abercrombie and Fitch stores)–and followed it up with a beer (maybe several beers, in fact) in San Francisco. He was one of my first twitter-to-real-life friends, andKeep ReadingKeep Reading

Systems Need to Change: The Future of Work, College, Education–and the Future of YOU?

What is the future of work? How about the future of education? Across the news, education reform and the way we learn seem to be undergoing a slow overhaul–or it still desperately needs one.  The future of work is constantly shifting as we untangle ourselves from the traces of our industrial past and figure outKeep Reading

Book Notes (Double Feature!): The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath, by Robert Samuelson

What the heck is inflation? And why is it important? Does it matter for my daily life – getting a job, finding good schools, or figuring out what roads to fix? In the second part of this two-part review, I look at two books that detail the historical development of money and federal policy andKeep Reading

Book Notes (Double Feature!): The Ascent of Money, by Niall Ferguson

Two recent books take a look at the historical development of money and federal policy in the United States. “The Ascent of Money” (by Niall Ferguson) traces the history of currency as it relates to the history of civilization, while “The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath” (by Robert Samuelson) looks at federal policies in relationKeep Reading

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