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This website is my ongoing look at psychology, motivation, human behavior, and the art of getting started. Understanding why we do what we do helps me discover ways to get more of what we want, get things done, and ultimately to start living the lives we want to be living.

Here's a question I ask myself all the time: Why do we do the things we do?

For me, there's a real difference between what I think I should do, what I know I should do, and what I actually do.

On this website:

What's your story? What needs to be said?

I believe in kindness, weirdness, the highest levels of nerdery, movement, freedom, and compassion for others. In my work, I encourage people, businesses, and CEOs to use their voice, share their work, and stand up for what they believe in.

I serve as the VP of Product for One Month, the Y-Combinator backed startup focused on accelerated learning.

My writing on psychology, motivation, and human behavior has been featured on Psychology Today, Fast Company, Life Hacker, 99U, and more. In my free time, I teach workshops on storytelling, content strategy, marketing, and creative writing. I write about the psychology of navigating the professional world, the millennial generation, the ever-changing work landscape, staying motivated, and current entrepreneurial, business, management, and teamwork strategies. I also teach classes and workshops on writing, narrative development, and storytelling. I used to do one-on-one consulting but I rarely have time for that anymore.


I help people (and companies) tell their stories.

My current research focuses on the intersection of connection, community, loneliness, and storytelling. How we communicate and connect to each other (through words, ideas, businesses, infrastructure, and design) helps us create value and meaning in our lives and communities.

This blog started as a column about making the transition to the professional world, figuring stuff out, and finding out what's important for you and your career. It has evolved into a blog on business, generating ideas, entrepreneurship, management, design, and teaching writing workshops. Other times, it's just an exploration into life, living and being.

I am interested in designing physical and virtual environments that enable people to be and live at their best. Join me as I unpack the psychology and stories of who we are and why we do what we do, and dream of what the future world can look like. If we can imagine it, we can make it.

How do ideas happen? Where does the inspiration come from? When you have a good idea, what do you do with it?

We all have ideas and wishes and dreams. But the brilliance is not just in having ideas: the power lies in how you execute these ideas and your rigor in implementation, action, and prioritization. The difference between having an idea that stays in your mind and an idea that becomes a reality is often a small small step of starting somewhere and making diligent progress. When we start things, this collection of small actions leads to unbelievable possibilities and changes.

 The opinions on this blog are solely from Sarah Kathleen Peck and not necessarily representative of my employers, clients, customers, or affiliates.

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