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“To those I love.”

This post is in memory of my lovely, beautiful grandmother whose memorial party I had the joy of attending this past weekend.

I am blessed to be surrounded by curious, fascinating, lovely family who chatter, chirp, and move like I do. We gathered to celebrate of the life of an amazing woman--my mother's mother--who brought to life so many of my favorite people: my siblings, my mom, my cousins, my future descendants, my aunt and uncle, my relatives.

In the afternoon we spent with each of her friends and close colleagues, I learned story after story of her life, of things I knew and didn't know--and above all, was grounded with a sense of how much my grandmother did for others, and for her community: she loved being active, she loved events, she knew how to throw a killer parties, she was crafty and full of ideas, and she couldn't stop making things and putting things together. Born of another generation, I get so much of who I am from her, and I am grateful.... Continue Reading

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes! Donate to the water adventure and WIN BIG. Oh, and help the world.

Magic doesn’t happen without a whole lotta hustle. With the start of a dream, you put your thoughts to the world, you whisper a promise, you believe that something is possible—and then you get out there and you chase it. On July 12, I opened my big mouth and made a promise. We made aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Proust Questionnaire

On wandering and lost conversations. Do you have a minute to wander? How about an hour to stop, pause, reflect, and think? Take notebook, some scratch paper, a word-document (if you’re brave, and can trust yourself not to wander over to the vast glorious internet pages in the middle of a thought stream, then doContinue ReadingContinue Reading

“What I Do”

Option 1: Landscape Architect, Explorer  What do I do? I never know how to answer this question. Do I start with swimming? Architecture? Writing? All of the people and things and quirks I love about San Francisco? My incessant love of traveling? I’m never sure how to answer or what people are really asking. IContinue ReadingContinue Reading