Feedback is O.K.

One of the most important things we get from this world is feedback. Information about how we're doing. What people like, and don't like. How to make things better.

As a kid, falling on the ground, scratching your knee - that's feedback. "Ouch! The world hurts!" you think. Or, "Hmmmm ... concrete is hard. Skin is soft. Concrete and skin don't quite match up nicely all the time." And you change your behavior accordingly.

Feedback is brilliant. Feedback is crucial. It's the map between our thinking and the world, telling us clues about what's going on beyond our minds. 

3 Responses to Feedback is O.K.

  1. And so here is my feedback: from reading your posts and especially from the luxury of having met you in person in London in the summer: I think you are a wonderful, powerful, elegant young woman who changes the world :-) xx

  2. Sarah says:

    Ahhh Jana!! I love having you as a friend – I am so glad I got to meet you in person and spend time with you in Regents’ Park. It already feels like ages ago and yet it was just last Spring. Amazing how quickly we can fly through the world, literally and figuratively. And right back at you: I think you are a stunning, wonderful, amazing woman who oozes positivity and kindess and just a joy to be around!! I love your cheer and encouragement. It is SO HELPFUL!!

  3. […] and see what you’ve done so far–and where you can get better. Feedback is brutal, but it’s okay: it might sting in the short-term, but it’s good for the long […]